A Note To My Future Guy

(This post was originally posted on my Facebook page on 3/16/14.)


Dear future boyfriend/fiancé/husband,

To make things a little easier on you, I decided to give you a little cheat sheet about me. 

I am awkward and shy around guys, especially ones I like, so you might not be able to tell one way or the other with me.  On top of that, I’m terrible at reading signals, so I’ll never be able to tell if you like me either.  So you’ll probably have to take a faith-filled risk and just put yourself out there and tell me.  Flat out, no beating around the bush.  If you have figured me out enough to do this, chances are high that I probably feel the same way about you.

I like little things.  Good coffee, a good morning text, inside jokes.  Play with my hair and maybe even write me a song, if that’s your thing. If it’s not, that’s okay too.  I’m no good at it myself.

I love your passion.  Even if what you’re passionate about is not something I know much about, I promise I’ll do my best to learn about it and support you.  I love that look in your eye when you talk about what you love and enjoy.  If it makes you happy, that makes me happy.

Maybe some people would say that I should have addressed the “God card” before anything else.  But you’re a Christian and a strong one at that- one who is equipped to be the spiritual leader in our relationship, so we’re good there. 

I like to make you feel special. If that’s spending time with you, cool.  If it’s praying with you and encouraging you with spoken or written words, cool.  If it’s getting in the kitchen and making you a sandwich, cool.  I’m pretty good at making sandwiches.

I know things are probably going to be rough sometimes, but just know that I’m a really hard worker, and if I am with you it means I think you’re worth the fight and the commitment.  I don’t take this stuff lightly.  I’d rather be single than with the wrong person. 

I like you a whole lot.  🙂

Love, Mo


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