I love to read. Like, LOVE it. For me, reading is a chance to get lost for a while, or get to know myself better. It is very much a solitary, soul-searching experience for me.

Well, I recently started a book study (The Purpose-Driven Life, if you’re wondering) with a friend, and it’s WEIRD. I’ve never read a book with someone else. It’s always been my little hideaway. Of course, the reading isn’t the issue. It’s the discussion. We’re only a few days in and already the chapters have had me searching pretty deep and confronting some things in my life. And I have to tell my friend about those things. And he has to tell me about his things. And I’m FREAKING OUT. (I haven’t told him this yet (maybe tonight?), so if he runs across this blog post somehow… surprise!)

What I am realizing is that it is hard to be honest. It’s scary, and it’s uncomfortable. But it also builds trust. It releases a person from the stress of having to deal with things on his or her own. It creates bonds. Relationships of any kind cannot function without it.

So, scary as it is, I’m going to keep plowing through and being honest. Because it’s worth it.

Can you imagine how different our lives (and even society!) would be if we were more honest with ourselves and others? Let’s start an honesty revolution! Let’s stop hiding! Who’s with me?